9 Reasons Your Business isn’t Getting Shipping Permission

Applying for a license to ship can be a complicated and difficult process.

And it’s even more frustrating when you realize that customs officials are refusing to designate your company for shipment approval after all the work steps have been completed.

So the question arises as to why your company is not allowed to ship.

Well, it could be because your business is located in a crime-ridden area, isn’t legally registered, or doesn’t have the right documents.

Regardless of the reason, if your company is not allowed to post, it is important to understand why.

So, here’s everything you need to know.

1. Your company does not have adequate packaging materials

If you need help obtaining shipping authorization from your chosen carrier, it may be because your business needs proper packaging.

Many carriers require companies to use special packaging materials, such as 4DV plywood boxes, to ship their products. So, to make sure your business has the right packing supplies, check with your chosen carrier to see what type of packaging they require.

Then, purchase the necessary packing box supplies and keep them on hand so you can assemble products quickly and efficiently when it’s time to ship them.

With the right packaging materials, you can get shipping approval and ship products without delay.

2. Does not have legal documents

Make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as a license or permit. If the required documents are missing, your company will not be allowed to submit.

Additionally, you need a business account with a freight forwarder or freight forwarder to ship.

This business account allows you to get discounts on shipping and ensure that your items are delivered safely.

In addition, you need to have an authorized representative complete and sign an export declaration form.

An export declaration form is used to inform customs officials about the contents of your shipment and its value. Without this form, your shipment may be held at customs and subject to inspection fees.

Finally, prepare a document for each item in your package. This includes the packing list, the invoice and the packing slip.

Without this document, customs officials can seize your goods and hold them for inspection fees.

3. Your business age is too young

Many shipping companies require the company to be in business for at least a year before they are allowed to ship, which can be frustrating if you’re just starting out.

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But there are a few reasons why shipping companies may require it.

For one, they want to make sure you’re a legitimate business, not a fly-by-night operation.

They also want to make sure you have a good customer record; they don’t want to be with a company that has a lot of complaints and returns.

However, if you haven’t been in business for a long time, try to work with a company that already has a license to ship. This can be a great way to get your foot in the door and start building your posting history.

Meanwhile, pay attention to other areas of your business and try to improve your services and products. You will be ready to expand your business once you are allowed to ship.

4. Your company is not registered with the correct carrier

One of the main reasons why your company is not allowed to ship is not registering with the correct freight forwarder.

Therefore, register your business with a carrier that serves your area. If you do not do this, it is likely that you will not be allowed to export goods abroad.

Additionally, check with the carrier of the shipping route you wish to use for shipping to other countries to ensure that the route you are trying to use is still available.

Finally, make sure your package fits within the size limits and has the proper packaging format set by the carrier.

Even after all of these considerations, if you’re having trouble getting shipping authorization, it’s probably a problem on the carrier’s end, and you’ll need to contact them directly for help.

5. Your product may not be able to ship

If your company is not authorized to ship, it may be because your product does not meet your requirements. Certain items are prohibited from shipping, and if your product falls into one of these categories, you will not receive a shipping permit.

There are several reasons why your product may not meet your requirements, such as

  • Products have a limited shelf life and are perishable.
  • The product is flammable or combustible.
  • The results are dangerous.
  • Products are regulated by law.
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If you are not sure whether your product will fit your package, you can check with the shipping company or the government shipping regulatory agency. They will be able to find other ways to ship your product.

6. You are not respecting the Local Rules

Failure to comply with all local regulations is one of the main reasons your business may not be allowed to submit. This can vary from city to city, from needing proper permits to not following the correct environmental regulations.

Second, it could be because your business needs to be bigger. If you’re just starting out, local authorities may ask you to prove that you can ship large quantities of goods before they issue a permit.

Another possible reason is that there are already too many shipping companies in your area, and the authorities have set a limit on the number of shipments they will allow. In this case, there is nothing you can do except try again later or find another way to get your product on the market.

If you need help with what to do in compliance, you should contact your local authority and ask. They should be able to tell you what you need to do to get permission to post.

7. Your company has not paid its taxes

If you have not paid your business tax, you may not be allowed to ship. After all, the government will be more hesitant to trust a company that owes its money.

Failure to pay taxes can damage your company’s reputation and make it difficult to get funding or partners. It can also cause legal problems.

So if you are late on your taxes, you need to catch up first. First, make sure that all tax obligations are up to date. After that, submit all required tax returns and payments.

It may require working with a tax professional to get everything sorted out, but getting your business back is worth it.

8. You do not have a state-issued driver’s license

Each state has its own business requirements, but in general, you need a business license to get a shipping license. A license gives you the authority to operate under legal conditions.

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Without a license, your business will not be recognized by the government, and you will not be allowed to ship.

There are a few different ways to get a business license, but the most common is to go through your local Chamber of Commerce. They can help you with the paperwork and make sure you follow all the necessary steps.

However, if you are having trouble getting your business licensed for shipping, make sure you fill out all the paperwork correctly. Sometimes companies make mistakes in their applications, which can hold up the process. So, take your time to fill everything properly.

Once you get your license, you should be able to get permission to post without any problems.

9. Your company is blacklisted by the government

A blacklist is a list of companies that the government has identified as dangerous. This means they may be involved in shipping fraud or other illegal activities.

Shipping companies are required by law to check the blacklist before they allow shipping. So, if your business is on it, you’re out of luck.

It’s not easy, but there are a few ways to remove your name from the blacklist.

First you need to know why you were blacklisted in the first place. Once you know this, you can start working on solving the problem.

This may involve changing practices, hiring new staff, or working with authorities. It will be difficult, but it is worth the effort if you want to keep your business moving forward.


If you want your business to grow fast, you must start investing in shipping now.

As a business, it is your responsibility to build trust with your customers and provide them with quality products and services, which you can only do if the customer does not receive the package on time.

This article explained why your business may not be allowed to ship, which is important to consider if you want to start shipping without any hassle.

So, it’s time to start investing in software and shipping in the right direction and get your business on the right path to success.


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